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Full Form Of Computer |All full form in Computer | Http full form

Full Form Of Computer
Computer is not a summary, and it is a name received from the word "Compute" that you intend to verify. In this way, in fundamental terms, the computer is an electronic gadget used to quickly get thoughts.

A few people say that COMPUTER stands for Computer-Aided Operational Research Network. It's just a myth from there. Firstly, the description is not very accurate, and secondly, when the PC was created, they were computer programmers who needed a ton of base room.

All Full Computer Methods

UPS full computer forms = Restricted Power Supply

Full PDF Form on Computer = Portable Document Format

CPU full computer form = Central Operating Unit

Full RAM form on computer = Random Access Memory

Full Form ROM on Computer = Read Memory Only

PROM Full Format on Computer = Read-Only Memory for Memory

Full Form EPROM on Computer = PROM Site

EEPROM is a complete computer system = In terms of EPROM electricity

Full HDD Form on Computer = Hard Disk Drive

FDD Full Form Computer = Floppy Disk Drive

KBD is a complete form on the computer = KeyBoard

Complete API form on computer = operating system

I / O = Input and Output

CD = Compact Disc

DVD = Digital Video Disk

SMPS = Switch Power Off Mode

POST = Power of Self-Examination

BIOS full on computer = Basic installation system

Full VDU form on computer = Virtual Display Unit

Full Form LED on Computer = Embedded Light Diode

Full LCD Form on Computer = Liquid Crystal Display

Full USB Form on Computer = Universal seri Bus

Full Form VGA on Computer = Video / Visual Graphic Adapter

Complete LAN form on computer = Network location

Full form on computer = Wide Area Network

INDOM is a complete computerized form = Metropolitan Area Network

Full Form HLL on Computer = Main Language

Full LLL form on computer = Low Language

MIPI Full Form Online = Millions Of Second Teams

Mbps full-frame form = Mega Bytes per second

Kbps total form in computer = Kilo Bytes per second

Full HTTP HTTP Form = Hyper Text Stats

WWW = World Wide Web

Complete IP Form on Computer = Internet Protocol

Full ISP online form = Internet Service Provider

CMOS is a complete form for a computer = Metal Oxide Semiconductor integrator

4 bits = 1 Nibble

8 bits = 1 Byte

1024 Bytes = 1 Kilo Byte (KB)

1024 KB = 1 Mega Byte (MB)

1024 MB = 1 Gyga Byte (GB)

1024 GB = 1 Tera Byte (TB)

1024 TB = 1 Peta Byte (PB)

1024 PB = 1 Exa Byte (EB)

1024 EB = 1 Zetta Byte (ZB)

1024 ZB = 1 Yotta Byte (YB)

HTTP - A text transfer protocol for text

HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Safe.

IP - Internet Protocol.

The full URL URL online - Uniform Resource Locator.

USB - Universal Security Bus.

VIRUS - Vital Information Equipment Under Size.

3G - Third Generation.

GSM - The Worldwide Cellular Communication System.

CDMA - Code for Multiple Access.

UMTS - Universal Telecommunication System.

SIM - Subscriber Identity Module.

AVI - Audio Video Interleave

RTS - Real-Time Broadcast

SIS - Symbian OS Installer File

AMR - Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec

JAD - Java Application Definition

JAR - Java Stack

JAD - Java Application Definition

3GPP - Third Party Collaboration Project

3GP - Third Generation Project

MP3 - MPEG player lll

MP4 - MPEG-4 Video File

AAC - Audio Code Development

GIF - Static Image Structure

JPEG - An Associate Photographer Group

BMP - Bitmap

SWF - Flash Shock Wave

WMV - Windows Media Video

WMA - Windows Media Audio

WAV - Waveform Audio

PNG - Graphics for Mobile Networks

DOC - Documentation (Microsoft Corporation)

M3G - 3D Mobile Drawings

M4A - MPEG-4 Audio File

MMF - Synthetic Music Mobile Application File

NRT - Nokia Ringtone

XMF - Extended Music File

WBMP - Bitmap Image Wireless

DVX - DivX Video

HTML - Hyper Text Separation Language

WML - Wireless Wireless Language

CD - Powerful Disk.

DVD - Digital Digital Disk.

CRT - Cathode Ray Tube.

DAT - Digital Audio Tape.

DOS - Disk App.

GUI - Visual User Addendum.

HTTP - A text transfer protocol for text

IP - Internet Protocol.

ISP - Internet Service Provider.

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol.

UPS - Unemployment Compensation.

HSDPA - High Speed ​​Downlink Packet Access.

Edge - GSM Enhanced Data Level [International Mobile Telecommunications] Evolution.

VHF - Very high frequency.

UHF - Ultra High Frequency.

GPRS - General Service Packet Radio.

WAP - Wireless Application Protocol.

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol.

ARPANET - Advanced


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