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PUBG MOBILE LITE Update 0.17.0

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PUBG Mobile Lite has lastly introduced the much-awaited consignment manner with the 0.17.0 Beta update. The hottest translation of the game was of late at large by the touring company and comes with a quantity of considerable improvements and new features. It in addition has a a small number of modifications and changes that players container seek out before it gets a large-scale release.
What's New
The freight means is evidently one of the main highlights of the new PUBG Mobile beta rendering 0.18.0 which is at present live on the beta server. For individuals unaware, the payload mod in PUBG Mobile offers helicopters and rocket launchers to users to be of assistance them interest up the classic BR flair gameplay.

In addition, the pubg mobile beta translation has moreover introduced a falcon companion. It's a bird that sits on a player's shoulder or flies alongside as they shuffle throughout the game. However, it does not solve a good deal other than truthful adhere to you around in the game. The developers are tallying new new skin texture to the pubg mobile beta with miniature updates.

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