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Effect of novel coronavirus? Truckers facing problem it's my request to read the full content

In many states of India there has been locked down all over India but the trucker's problem due to lock down. The police are not staying them in any way in many places they don, 't have food to eat many hotels and restaurants are closed in road, and they are not getting food. The government should take some step to solve a problem let them stay in hotel and eat food or the government should stop all trucks in India.

 The government should take steps for this before lock down the India. Police not allowing them to stay in anywhere crackers are totally helpless in this situation. You can see also the video below down here.

 The police should give them permission to stay out of this city and take rest and have food. The news channel only showing what's going in city but not showing that what's going out of the cities, and what truckers facing problem because they only want TRP for their channel. The system of our country should know that they are taking risk and transporting goods to the cities? 
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guys I am owner of a hotel and I am seeing this things from two days after lockdown some driver at night say to me  where we should go where we sleep. And guys l feel very helpless to them please share this so the government should take some step to relieve them because they also run our country

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