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Can a drone walk a dog?

Nowadays people using drones everywhere for several purpose we have seen the use of drone to plant a tree Japan using drone to monitor underground metro tunnels. A man in Cyprus has found a fantastic way to use drone using a drone to walk his dog due to lockdown

Cyprus has seen effect of novel corona virus 75 confirmed cases across the country. President of Cyprus has declared lovetone in the country just like any other affected country.all the mall school and public places in the country will remain closed and people are people of post to stay in their houses the virus cannot spread across the country
However a man in Cyprus shared a video on Facebook to show how he is working his pet dog  with the help of a drone. This video is officially published in Facebook and after their shared across various social media platform like Twitter
End gain 4 million viewsthe man compare the scene from the famous movie back to the future

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